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A nurse uses the easiest weight-loss techniques to reduce 45 kg.

An Australian nurse who weighed about 115 kg lost weight by making small dietary changes and adding modest exercise. She shed over forty-five kilos.

Samantha Abreu, a 25-year-old nurse from Melbourne who had battled weight since childhood, improved her health by walking every day and incorporating portion control into her diet.

According to Mirror, Samantha would frequently go on eating binges and stuff herself with toast and cereal after supper. She continued by saying that she would get tired often and find it difficult to finish her 10-hour shifts at work.

The Covid-19 lockdown was the tipping point. Concerned that she wouldn’t become like some of the elderly patients she would see in the hospital who couldn’t walk after a fall, Samantha began walking every day to improve her mental health and soon realized it was a “blessing” for both her body and mind.

She lost about 45 kg in a year by gradually cutting back on the quantity of her meals and practicing portion management.

“I see food as fuel now,” she stated to

Samantha only cut back on her intake by making a minor dietary adjustment. She might create a wrap pizza, for instance, as a healthy alternative to pizza.

She talked about her experience with diet and natural weight loss.

She remarked, “Looking stronger is lovely.” She said, as reported by the New York Post, “I hope other people can see themselves in me and realize they can slowly start implementing change, that’s all I want.”

Prior: 115 kg Breakfast: toast or a bowl of cereal Lunch is leftover supper or sandwich. Dinner is roast. Snacks: quick meal, toast, and cereal

Currently: 68 kilos Fruit and oats for breakfast Lunch would be spaghetti with Greek chicken. Pizza and chicken wraps for dinner. She now completes four weekly gym sessions, 10,000 steps a day, and five km runs as part of her program.

Samantha said that she feels “comfortable and safe” in her body thanks to her regimen.



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