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Ankita Lokhande reveals Randeep Hooda said she was ‘too pretty’ to play Veer Savarkar’s wife in his biopic

Ankita Lokhande revealed that Randeep Hooda had previously opposed her playing VD Savarkar’s wife Yamunabai in Swatantra Veer Savarkar.  

Ankita Lokhande claims Randeep Hooda initially ‘didn’t want’ her in Swatantra Veer Savarkar. The actress stated that Randeep thought she was ‘too attractive’ to play Yamunabai Savarkar, the wife of Vinayak Damodar Savarkar (Veer Savarkar) in the upcoming film. It will be Ankita’s first assignment since Bigg Boss 17, where she was one of the top five finalists. Also read: Swatantrya Veer Savarkar trailer. In Randeep Hooda’s film on ‘difficult leader’, nonviolent and violent beliefs clash.  

Ankita Lokhande commended Randeep, who stars in and directs Swatantra Veer Savarkar, during a recent promotional event. She stated in Marathi that he thoroughly researched her character and added, “He told me, ‘I don’t think I want you in the film.'” I was like, “Why?” He said, ‘You are too lovely for the role (Yamunabai Savarkar)’. “I said, ‘Please don’t say that.'”  

Ankita continued, “He (Randeep) had done so much study, he was so certain about what he wanted in the film, he knew everything about her (Yamunabai Savarkar). She was the successful woman who supported a successful guy (Veer Savarkar).  

Randeep Hooda directed and co-wrote the film with Utkarsh Naithani. The filmmakers characterize the film as a ‘compelling odyssey, bringing to life the fabled yet overlooked tale of Swatantrya Veer Savarkar – a visionary, and a firebrand’. He was an activist and writer who oversaw the Hindu Mahasabha.  

Swatantrya Veer Savarkar is supported by Zee Studios, Anand Pandit, Randeep Hooda, Sandeep Singh, and Yogesh Rahar. Amit Sial co-stars in the film alongside Randeep and Ankita. Swatantra Veer Savarkar is set to hit theaters on March 22 in Hindi and Marathi.  



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