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Are Feroze Khan and Geethika Tiwari genuinely dating?

There is a lot of conjecture in the entertainment industry over the possibility of a romantic relationship between Pakistani actor Feroze Khan and Indian actress Geethika Tiwari.

Renowned Indian cinema critic Kamal R Khan dropped some tantalizing hints in his most recent video, sparking rumors of a budding romance.

Rumors that Geethika and Feroze would soon get married were stoked by Khan’s suggestion that she consider converting to Islam.

Khan’s contemplations brought to light instances where Geethika was observed donning a burqa and taking part in Muslim prayers, which stoked speculation about their alleged romance that was supposedly ignited during their collaboration on a film shot on location in London.

Both are featured in numerous Instagram pictures together with some incredible moments.

The uploads sent fans and followers into a frenzy by igniting intense debates and speculating about the genuine nature of their relationship.

Still, there’s more uncertainty behind the rumors that are going around. That is the reality that Feroze Khan and Geethika Tiwari are currently collaborating on a film that Zulfikar Ali is directing. A while back, when Hania Amir and Haider Mustehsan collaborated on a song video, rumors of their purported romance were circulating.

It will take time to determine whether the two famous people are truly in love with one another or if the pictures and rumors are just a PR stunt!



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