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ChatGPT enters higher education: Arizona State and OpenAI reach an agreement

In an unprecedented collaboration, Arizona State University and OpenAI will provide its students with access to ChatGPT, the company’s premium service, to assist them with their college assignments.

Although stories of students (and their professors) using ChatGPT to get through college have caused enough controversy that some international colleges and New York’s public schools have banned the chatbot from their campus computers, this is the first time OpenAI has partnered with an institution of higher learning.

Arizona State, meanwhile, takes a different tack. The institution stated it could see where the wind was coming from in a statement that was released on Thursday.

ASU President Michael M. Crow stated, “We are confident that augmented and artificial intelligence systems will develop into amazing tools that help students learn, learn more rapidly, and grasp subjects more deeply. We acknowledge that these systems are here to stay.

“Our collaboration with OpenAI reflects our philosophy and our commitment to participate directly in the responsible evolution of AI learning technologies.

Arizona State announced that it would collaborate with academic staff to customize ChatGPT Enterprise’s use for the benefit of students, particularly in research and instruction.

“The main reason so many users adore ChatGPT is learning. By incorporating ChatGPT into its instructional programs, ASU continues to lead in innovation, according to a statement from Brad Lightcap, chief operating officer of OpenAI.



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