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Comedian Ramy Youssef’s SNL Monologue: Calls for Palestinian freedom and trans woman president

Ramy Youssef, a Golden Globe winner, presents a hilarious monologue on Saturday Night Live that blends important events with personal tales.

It’s time to relive the best of the Saturday Night Live monologue, when sarcasm meets comedy and cryptic jabs. Ramy Youssef, a comedian, was also unwilling to pass up the opportunity. Youssef called for “Freeing the People of Palestine” in an emotional moment that changed the tone of his humorous routine. However, the monologue did not end there. Youssef also made a cryptic allusion to “Freeing the Hostages,” prompting viewers to worry about the additional layer.

Ramy Youssef’s SNL Monologue
Youssef, an American stand-up comedian, actor, and Golden Globe winner, performed on Saturday Night Live on March 30th. Ramy Youssef began his monologue by making a joke regarding the timing of significant events such as Ramadan, Easter, and the release of Beyoncé’s album Cowboy Carter. “I’m the only one in my group who prays,” he claims, adding that despite being surrounded by “sinners,” people flock to him when they’re in trouble.

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Ramy Youssef delivers: ‘Free the People of Palestine’
Continuing, the comic told a story about his friend, Ahmed. He recalls Ahmed calling him one day and asking for prayers for himself and his family in Gaza. “So that night, I go to pray, but my prayers are complex. I have a lot to fit in. I’m like, ‘God, please, help Ahmed’s family. Please end the misery. Stop the bloodshed. Please release the Palestinians. And please free all of the captives. Youssef spoke.

The Ramy star then paused, grinned, and immediately switched to “Free Mr. Bojangles.” “He’s a gorgeous puppy. “I’m praying for that dog,” he finished.

Ramy Youssef believes the next president should be a woman.
While we’re on the issue, Ramy was candid about the election. On the SNL stage, he tackled one of the country’s most contentious issues, advocating for a woman to be the next president. “I really think our next president should be a woman,” the audience cheered and applauded. “I think we should have a trans woman as our next president,” he said, eliciting a little reserved response. “A little less assistance, yes. That’s New York, correct? New York says, ‘We’re liberal, but we’re Italian. “Watch out!” He proceeded.

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This is not the comedian’s first time speaking out on this crucial topic, especially given the continuous conflict between the two countries. He has regularly advocated for peace between the two countries, including wearing a pin to the Academy Awards as an Artist for Ceasefire. Youssef’s second HBO comedy special, More Feelings, premiered March 23rd. He is most known for developing and starring in Ramy, a famous Hulu comedy series about the lives of an Egyptian-American family in New Jersey.



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