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Missing Baloch students case: IHC wants to know modus operandi of agencies

ISLAMABADJustice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani of the Islamabad High Court said on Tuesday that it would be preferable if the operations of agencies were explained.

While hearing the case involving the recovery of missing Baloch students and the fulfillment of the recommendations of a commission formed to investigate the subject, Justice Kayani voiced his “desire” to understand how agencies operate.

The judge questioned the attorney general on the number of terrorism cases filed against Baloch students over the last decade, as well as how many people were jailed, disappeared, or harassed. He said that intelligence agencies cannot harass anyone.

Justice Kayani remarked that no court, judge, lawyer, journalist, or member of parliament may prevent agencies from operating in accordance with the law. They speak up when they witness any criminal activity. It would be appropriate to describe how the agencies work.

He stated that no Pakistani, whether a journalist or a member of parliament, supports terrorists.

The attorney general stated that the issue would be settled politically. Justice Kayani commented that this suggested he recognized it as a political matter. He suggested that communication could lead to a solution.

The attorney general stated that much work had been done on the missing persons cases and requested additional time to handle the matter politically.

Iman Mazari, the counsel for Baloch students, alleged that relatives of the missing victims are being threatened. A missing persons committee was constituted, but no committee member went to speak with the relatives. A commission was formed, but little progress has been made. She said that no information is provided to relatives of missing persons.

Justice Kayani noted that many missing persons had returned home as a result of the attorney general’s efforts. These courts will continue to operate as long as missing people cases are reported. There is not a single case that will be resolved following adjudication.

The attorney general stated that the media should collaborate in this case so that negative information is not highlighted.

The judge stated that the media is independent and focuses on incidents of missing people. Missing people have been located when the media brought their cases to light.

Balochis are Pakistanis. We must support them, he urged.

The attorney general asked the court to recreate the committee working on missing individuals and include officials below the rank of director general to improve cooperation.

Justice Kayani requested that the attorney general help the court with another matter involving missing persons.

The judge adjourned the hearing until June 14, instructing that the questionnaire responses be submitted at the next hearing.



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