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Salman Khan and family to shift out of Mumbai home after firing incident? Here’s what Arbaaz Khan said

Is Salman Khan going to live in a different house in Mumbai after the gunfire outside his Bandra apartment? This is what brother Arbaaz Khan has to say.

Arbaaz Khan was questioned regarding the recent shooting outside his brother Salman Khan’s home in Mumbai’s Bandra. In an interview with Zoom, the actor was asked if Salman and his family planned to leave the Galaxy apartment due to ‘death threats’. According to Arbaaz, Salman and his father, famous lyricist Salim Khan, have lived there for years, and relocation will not change the’reality‘. Also read: Salman Khan leaves for Dubai amid tight security following a shooting incident outside his Mumbai residence. Watch

Is Salman Khan moving out of his Galaxy apartment?
Arbaaz Khan asked, “Do you think that (threats) would dissipate? For example, if you move the site tomorrow, you may believe that a coming threat will disappear. If that were the case, then one would do it. But the reality is that it will not go away. So, do you continue moving and doing that, or do you simply take precautions? My father has lived there for many years. Salman has resided there for several years. That is his home. Nobody is saying, “Leave this place; we will let you go.” That’s not the case. So, if this was the case, he would have let go. Perhaps he would have reconsidered.

‘Live your life as normally as possible.’
He went on to say, “So, the only thing you can do is take the highest level of precautions that you can or the government can provide for you in his case, and try to live your life as normally as possible.” What will happen if we live in perpetual threat or fear? “I will be unable to leave the house.”

This is what occurred.
The two males arrived on a motorcycle and shot four rounds outside Salman’s Galaxy Apartment at 5 a.m. on April 14. They then fled. CCTV footage revealed that both men wore headgear and carried backpacks.

On Tuesday, a Mumbai police team allegedly arrested five persons from the two accused’s native area in connection with the fire incident outside Salman’s residence.

Previously, the Mumbai Crime Branch uncovered significant evidence against criminal Lawrence Bishnoi and his brother Anmol Bishnoi. The Mumbai Police have filed a case against four people in connection with the gunfire at Salman’s house, including Anmol and Lawrence.



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