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Tesla to pay $42 million for employee crash that injured motorcyclist



An Indiana jury found Tesla and one of its employees partially liable in a 2017 incident between a company-owned Ford truck and a motorbike that resulted in the motorcyclist’s partial amputation, severe disfigurement, and traumatic brain injury.

Tesla and its employee, Kyle Kaszuba, must pay the victim more than $42 million in damages, according to Christopher Dugan, a Marion County jury decided Wednesday.

The jury determined that Dugan was 30% culpable for the crash, decreasing the award from $60 million to $42 million. Dugan’s attorneys reportedly sought a $191 million award.

According to Dugan’s initial complaint, the collision occurred while Kaszuba was drove a 2014 Ford car owned by Tesla, either with Tesla’s authorization or while working as a Tesla employee.

Dugan had exited an Indianapolis gas station and was in the “right-hand traffic lane” when Kaszuba, driving the Tesla-owned Ford Super Duty, “carelessly” drove the vehicle over two lanes of traffic while attempting to enter into a parking lot near the gas station, according to the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, Kaszuba reportedly crashed the truck into Dugan’s motorcycle, throwing him off and injuring him severely.

Tesla’s Quinn Emanuel attorneys contended that Kaszuba was not negligent in his actions, and that Dugan was closely following a car, making it impossible for the Tesla employee to see him, according to Courtroom View Network. According to CVN, Dugan’s attorney, Nick Rowley, claimed Kaszuba was rushing to go to work.

The petrol station near the incident site is just outside a ramp to I-465, Indianapolis’ ring route.

Tesla did not immediately react to CNBC’s request for comment.

— Lora Kolodny of CNBC contributed to this report.



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