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Today Marks The Death Anniversary Of Abdul Rahman Chughtai, The Painter Of The East.

Wednesday, is recognized as the 49th anniversary of the painter Abdul Rahman Chughtai’s passing.

On September 21, 1897, in Lahore, he was born.

Chughtai completed his official education at Lahore’s Mayo School of Art, which is now known as the National College of Arts. London also taught him about art.

The devotion he has received in both Pakistan and India has earned him the title “Musawwir-e-Mashriq,” or Painter of the East.

In 1934, the British Empire bestowed upon him the title of Khan Bahadur in India as well.

He is credited for founding the painting movement known as “Chughtai Art.” He continues to be considered as one of the subcontinent’s greatest artists.

Queen Elizabeth II, Pablo Picasso, and Allama Iqbal are among Chughtai’s admirers.

In honor of his deserving effort, he received the Pride of Performance Award in 1958 and the Hilal-i-Imtiaz in 1960.

Abdul Rahman Chughtai is renowned for his singular and unusual painting style, which was influenced by Islamic, Mughal, and miniature painting.

In addition to creating one of Pakistan’s first four postal stamps, Chughtai also created the monograms for Pakistan Television and Radio Pakistan, which remain as living examples of his artistic creations.

In addition, he was a talented fiction writer, and his collections “Lagaan” and “Kajal” were released.

The British Museum, the National Art Gallery, the Nizam of Hyderabad Palace, President House Islamabad, and the United Nations Headquarters are just a few of the locations across the globe where Chughtai’s artwork may be found.

The renowned painter died in Lahore on January 17, 1975. 



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