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TV couple Nyrraa M Banerji and Nishant Malkani are back together? Here’s the truth

According to our insider, Nyrraa M Banerji and Nishant Malkani are back together.

Actors Nyrraa M Bannerjee and Nishant Malkani frequently make headlines for their supposed romance. Although rumors of their love relationship lingered throughout time, the couple never formally recognized them and maintained the stance that they were “just friends”.

However, in February, Bannerjee discussed their divorce and maintained that they will still be great friends and that everything will be fine. And now we know that things are OK between the two.

“When they broke up in February, Nishant moved out of their house. Things just weren’t working out because their methods of doing things are so similar, which resulted in disagreements,” the insider says, adding that they are now back together after three months.

“They had been trying to make things work all along. They ultimately agreed to reconcile earlier this month, just before Nyrraa’s birthday. He even attended her birthday celebration, where the two posed for numerous close-up photos, according to the insider.

According to the insider, the couple wants to take things slowly this time around. “They don’t want to hurry into their relationship again. As a result, he (Nishant) has decided not to accompany her again. They are even keeping it discreet and low-key so that things may be worked out.



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