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After voting, celebrities post photos to social media.

Election day is here. Pakistanis are casting ballots for the politicians they support. In this context, a large number of well-known individuals, including athletes, have encouraged their fellow citizens to use their right to vote.

Numerous celebrities in the entertainment industry have posted pictures of themselves on social media after voting.

  1. Atiqa Odho

The performer sent her a picture of his family. She grinned broadly as she posed with her family.

  1. Mariyam Nafees

The star was seen asserting her rights with her husband in the posted snapshot. She also distributed a useful handbook encouraging people to cast ballots.

  1. Osman Khalid’s butt

As he used his constitutional right to vote, Osman Khalid Butt exclaimed that it was a beautiful day.

Additionally, he informed his supporters that it was not permitted to carry digital watches or cell phones into the polling station.

Please either write down or memorize your block code and serial number before entering if you did not print your information from message 8300. It will facilitate an easier process,” he posted on Instagram.



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