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Amazon plans ‘Big Spring Sale’ that’s not just for Prime members starting March 20

Amazon will hold a spring sale next week, offering discounts on seasonal items to all customers, including Prime members.

Amazon announced Thursday that the “Big Spring Sale” will last six days beginning March 20 in North America. Unlike the Prime Day price spree that traditionally takes place in the summer, next week’s event will be open to non-Prime members. The subscription program costs $139 a year, or $14.99 per month, in the United States, and includes free, fast delivery, video streaming, and access to exclusive Prime Day deals.

Amazon has announced that spring clothes, fitness equipment, outdoor furniture, Amazon-branded devices, and other “warm weather essentials” will all be discounted. This is the first time Amazon has organized such an event during the first quarter.

In recent years, Amazon has added shopping events such as “Prime Big Deal Days” in the fall, a 48-hour “Pet Day,” and a beauty-focused sale before of the holiday shopping season.

The firm is commencing its spring event as buyers continue to seek deals in the face of soaring inflation. Inflation has fallen from its 40-year highs in mid-2022, but it still above the Federal Reserve’s 2% target. Consumer prices grew more than predicted in February, up 3.2% from the previous year, according to the US Department of Labor on Tuesday.

Amazon is also seeing increased competition from low-cost retailers Temu and Shein, who have been running ad campaigns to woo American customers. Shein primarily sells substantially discounted clothes and accessories. Temu is similar to an online flea market, and its popularity has grown due to its low costs and gamified purchasing experience.



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