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AR Rahman says he enjoys collaborating with Imtiaz Ali, the director.

AR Rahman has discussed Imtiaz Ali, the filmmaker, and his next film, Amar Singh Chamkila, for which he composed the music.

AR Rahman referred to Amar Singh Chamkila as “a very naughty picture” in an interview with News18.

It’s a pleasure working with Imtiaz, stated AR Rahman. He is amiable. You know, there’s never any pressure when working with certain people; it just happens that way.

There’s never any pressure when you’re around him. Making Punjabi music has always been my dream. I adore how powerful music’s language is. Thus, this was a fantastic chance.

“It is a very naughty picture; we had to find the place for music,” he added in reference to the movie. Chamika is a composer, songwriter, and singer, if you look at it.

“Why am I needed?” was the query I posed. Then I exclaimed, “Oh!” This is where we can do it, we can turn it into a musical where all the songs are about Chamkila getting blamed for everything, good or bad. It was fascinating to hear the director’s perspective in that way.

This film tells the untold true story of Amar Singh Chamkila, the original rockstar of Punjab. Born into poverty, he rose to fame in the 1980s through his music, causing a lot of people to become enraged along the way and ultimately leading to his assassination at the young age of 27.

On April 12, Amar Singh Chamkila will be available for streaming on Netflix India. Diljit is a star in the movie.

This was one of the darkest moments in Punjab’s recent history, out of several terrible periods.

We are discussing the death of one artist. I’ve only presented his life, but that becomes symbolic to the lives of many other artists who have faced criticism and popularity at the same time, both in Punjab and around the world, Imtiaz Ali told PTI.



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