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Ayesha Omar takes a break after a difficult surgical procedure.

After a difficult surgical procedure, actress and broadcaster Ayesha Omar has declared her retirement from the entertainment profession.

The actor said on Instagram that she had surgery and that her doctor had recommended her to rest for four months.

“For those who are unaware, eight years ago, I was involved in a horrific car accident on the Hyderabad highway that broke both my collarbone and my shoulder blade. The driver was at fault,” the actor stated.

Even after a year of therapy and procedures, the bone never joined, and the gap continued to widen, according to her.

“It was a very complicated three-hour surgery,” the actor revealed, revealing an orthopedic surgeon’s prescription that advised her to relax.

The gifted actor declared that for the next four months, she will focus on screenplays and song ideas.

Fans posted well wishes for her quick recovery on social media.

Ayesha Omar is a multidimensional individual well-known for her varied career in hosting, acting, singing, and business.



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