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Ben Affleck looks ‘gloomy’ attending daughter’s graduation alone amid JLO split rumours


Rumors about Ben Affleck’s marriage to Jennifer Lopez surfaced when he was seen being solemn at his daughter’s graduation.

Ben Affleck appeared to be accompanied by loneliness on Monday when he arrived for his daughter Violet’s graduation ceremony. The actor of Accountant, who shares a kid with ex-wife Jennifer Garner, honored his daughter’s significant achievement with a laid-back appearance. But when he went outside, a camera-shy Affleck seemed “downcast,” which fueled rumors of a rift in his marriage to Jennifer Lopez. The actor was spotted wearing his wedding band once more last week after taking it off for a short while.

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Ben Affleck
goes to his daughter’s graduation by himself.
With a clean-shaven appearance, blue pants, and an untucked white shirt, the new Brentwood resident was photographed by the Daily Mail attending his daughter Violet’s high school graduation in Los Angeles. At least based on the photos, this is probably the first time JLO isn’t participating in the festivities. She used to always attend the festivities for her kids that she and Affleck shared. When she went to Fin’s (Ben’s child’s) school play the last time, they publicly reconciled for the first time in more than a month, almost putting an end to any split rumors.

Amid conflicting rumors, Jennifer travels alone.
On the one hand, the Daredevil actor is making solo appearances with an intermittent wedding ring show-up, having apparently moved out of his $60 million Beverly Hills property shared with JLO. However, the singer was by herself when she strolled the red carpet for her Netflix film Atlas. Even though she flaunted her wedding band and even mentioned Affleck openly in one interview, it hasn’t gone unnoticed that he has been conspicuously absent from all of her recent significant endeavors. While in Mexico last week, Lopez was observed berating a reporter, telling her, “You know better than that,” in response to questions about her romantic status.

An insider told InTouch last week, “They’ll never stop loving each other, but she can’t control him, and he can’t change her.” “That could not have continued in any way.” They expanded.

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Lopez asking Jennifer Garner for assistance

According to TMZ, Affleck has been living in a rented apartment in the Brentwood neighborhood, near his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, who recently paid him a visit. According to the Daily Mail, Lopez is looking for Garner’s help to repair her marriage because no one understands him better than someone who has lived with him for over a decade. “JLo has been confiding in Jen because she knows she is one of the only people in the world who would understand what she is going through,” the insider stated, emphasizing that Garner is ‘desperately’ attempting to assist the marriage.



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