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Bhuvan Bam on rumours of being the richest YouTuber: It attracts unwanted attention

Bhuvan Bam, a YouTube content creator and performer, addresses rumors that he is India’s richest YouTuber.

Bhuvan Bam has long been rumored to be India’s richest YouTuber, and the content producer is baffled. He dismisses it as a gossip and says he doesn’t pay heed to such accusations on social media.

According to reports, Bam’s YouTube channel, BB Ki Vines, has over 26.4 million subscribers, while his Instagram account has over 19 million members. It further alleged that his assets were valued ₹122 crore, including an expensive fleet of automobiles.

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In response, Bam says, “I’d really like to meet the person who started this rumour”.

“Because it attracts unwanted attention and while I’m humbled to read such articles, but it doesn’t distract me from putting my efforts everyday to tell the kind of stories that I wish to tell,” he said.

That is exactly what he is doing right now. “I’m now filming for Taaza Khabar and am excited to see how it all comes together. I shall shortly resume the Dhindora voyage with my characters. But I’m really looking forward to having the opportunity to work on my first Hindi film with a dream cast,” says Bam, who made his acting debut in Dhindora.

Speaking further, he says, “I didn’t expect this Taaza Khabar of mine to become such a big Dhindora.” I don’t see it as a materialistic victory, but rather as the outcome and reward of my patience and the small efforts I’ve made over the last ten years of my professional career.”

He makes a special mention of Delhi and how it continues to inspire him.

“Delhi is home. Throughout my life, I have studied and dreamed in the city, and currently work in Mumbai. Delhi is like a refuge where I can gather my thoughts and spend time with my own folks. Delhi is important in my life because the city, its people, and their subtleties greatly influenced my original content journey. I learned people skills by performing for the lovely people of Delhi on numerous platforms. The moment I arrive at the airport, it seems like home and will always be. Delhi refuses to allow the child inside me die. “I take Maharashtrian values and Delhi culture with me wherever I go,” he concludes.



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