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Candy Crush habit revealed by US Treasury Secretary Yellen on an NPR quiz show

This weekend, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will admit to being addicted to the mobile game Candy Crush. She told National Public Radio’s “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me” news quiz show that she plays the game on her phone every day.

Yellen stated that a Blackberry device was the catalyst for everything in Chicago during a live audience taping of the nationally syndicated show that airs on Saturday.

“They had a game called Brick Breaker and I had never used my phone to play games, but I started becoming addicted to Brick Breaker on my Blackberry,” she explained.

In the process of writing a book about Yellen, a biographer recommended that she play Candy Crush Saga on her phone. The objective of the game is to match candy pieces on a matrix to make them vanish.

As Yellen put it, she shot back, “Candy Crush? I’m not engaging in Candy Crush-style gameplay. I engage in Brick Breaker gameplay.”

However, she also mentioned that she began playing Candy Crush Saga on a regular basis and that on Thursday morning, she had just reached a level above 6,100.

Every day during their commutes, millions of individuals play this game. In September, Candy Crush Saga’s developer, King, an Activision Blizzard company, declared that it had achieved a revenue milestone of $20 billion since the game’s introduction in 2012.

While the game is free to play, users can upgrade their experience by paying to view advertisements or buy better moves.

The Treasury Secretary was a guest on the program’s “Not My Job” section, which asks well-known celebrities and public figures lighthearted questions unrelated to their line of work.

Yellen also disclosed that she plays the Wordle five-letter word game every day and disclosed her starting word, which is “raise.” She stated that the game’s automated function had recommended that she use “trace” as her initial guess.

I refuse to change,” she declared.

Yellen traveled to Chicago to discuss the strength of the US economy and the contribution of Joe Biden’s economic investment strategies to the prevention of a recession and the reduction of inflation.

Yellen appeared to be in for an easy ride with an audience of primarily liberal public radio contributors after spending the previous day restating the narrative that inflation is declining and Americans are getting richer as their earnings grow. Instead, though, host Peter Sagal of the quiz program asked her even more difficult questions.

“Inflation – Was that you?” Sagal queried.

“Not my fault!” Yellen answered. “That’s the Fed’s job.”



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