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ChatGPTs are available without requiring registration thanks to OpenAI.

Beginning on Monday, anybody will be able to use OpenAI’s free ChatGPT generative AI chatbot without having to register for the service, the Microsoft (MSFT.O)-backed business announced.

The GenAI revolution was sparked by ChatGPT, which debuted in late 2022 and can mimic human speech while performing jobs like summarizing lengthy texts, writing poetry, and even coming up with theme party ideas.

The goal of the feature, according to the San Francisco-based startup, is to “make AI accessible to anyone curious about its capabilities.” It will be released gradually.

According to data analytics company Similarweb, the well-known business, which broke the record for having the fastest-growing user base, has suffered a slowdown in growth since May 2023, when its traffic reached a height of 1.8 billion web views.

For users visiting ChatGPT without creating an account, OpenAI claims to have added further content protections, including the ability to restrict prompts and generations over a larger variety of categories. These categories were not specified.

In addition to ChatGPT’s free version, which lacks internet connectivity, OpenAI provides commercial versions of the program for individuals, groups, and businesses.

The business added that customers can disable the feature, but it may use user-provided content to enhance its large-language models.

The action was taken approximately a month after OpenAI and its CEO, Sam Altman, were sued by billionaire investor Elon Musk, who claimed that they had abandoned the startup’s initial goal of developing artificial intelligence for the good of humanity rather than for financial gain.



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