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China launches its most recent Long March in a year of record missions.

According to official media on Monday, China’s Long March 12, which can launch larger, more functioning satellites into Earth’s orbit, is anticipated to make its maiden flight in 2024, during a year of record-breaking launch operations for the nation.

According to the Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technologies, a division of China’s primary space contractor, the Long March 12 will be able to carry a payload of 10,000 kg (22,000 pounds) to a low-Earth orbit. It will be powered by six liquid oxygen-kerosene-fueled engines.

This implies that the Long March 12 would be nearly as capable as the heaviest version of the Long March 3, capable of launching six sizable communication satellites into orbit in a single mission.

Up to 2,000 kilograms can be carried by a small-lift rocket, 20,000 kg by a medium-lift rocket, and more than 20,000 kg by a heavy-lift rocket, which is able to launch probes to other planets.

Since 1970, China has produced and launched over 20 different types of Long March-series rockets, which are the backbone of the nation’s space programs and have carried out over 500 launch operations.

The primary space contractor in the nation, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp., is anticipated to carry out a record-breaking 100 launch missions in 2024. It’s also anticipated that Chinese businesses will increase their launches this year.

The Long March 12 will take off from the Hainan International Commercial Aerospace Launch Center, a spaceport that is anticipated to open for business in June.

With a diameter of 3.8 meters, which is larger than the 3.35 meters of most Chinese rockets, the Long March 12 will be the first Chinese rocket with two stages. It will be more than sixty meters (196 feet) tall.



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