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Cisco-owned ThousandEyes launches AI to predict and fix internet outages, teases ChatGPT-style tech

Cisco’s ThousandEyes internet monitoring unit announced new AI-powered capabilities on Tuesday, enabling faster prediction and diagnosis of internet outages.

The company stated that its new AI technology, known as Digital Experience Assurance, or DXA, would allow Cisco networking customers to implement the ability to automatically respond to network quality issues.

This is in contrast to the current situation with ThousandEyes software, in which customers primarily monitor their IT infrastructure for network issues.

‘Google Maps for the internet’
Cisco ThousandEyes describes itself as the “Google Maps” of the internet. That’s because it provides a comprehensive, end-to-end view of every user and application across any network.

The company, which was founded 15 years ago, claims to have made significant investments in artificial intelligence in recent years.

However, ThousandEyes is currently making significant AI-focused changes to its platform in order to provide its clients with even greater visibility into network quality and resilience.

According to Joe Vaccaro, vice president and general manager of ThousandEyes, DXA would allow him to “not only resolve issues before they begin to impact my users, but leverage broad data to actually begin to predict and give forward intelligence on what might happen across infrastructure, to proactively address it before it begins to significantly degrade overall digital experiences.”

“Digital experience assurance helps to build upon this evolutionary journey beyond metrics, beyond monitoring, towards a platform that delivers on a closed loop system,” Vaccaro told CNBC in an exclusive interview.

DXA also allows businesses to correlate, analyze, diagnose, predict, optimize, and remediate with little to no manual intervention.

Cisco ThousandEyes claims its platform is powered by over 650 billion daily measurements collected from around the world. The company committed to providing businesses with visibility into their internal environments, which include on-premises networks and cloud environments.

The product is based on Cisco ThousandEyes’ Event Detection technology, which the company claims already reduces the time it takes to detect a disruption event to minutes and requires less staffing, as opposed to hours and multiple engineers.

The product would include large language models, which are the foundation of generative AI systems such as ChatGPT and Google Gemini.

ChatGPT, which has 100 million users to date, exploded into global popularity just months after its creator, OpenAI, released it. The app’s success fueled widespread interest in artificial intelligence, with companies of all sizes developing their own products in the field.

This story has been updated to reflect the correct day of the announcement.



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