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Climate protesters try to break into Tesla’s Germany factory, multiple people arrested

Climate protestors upset about Tesla’s plans to expand its Berlin-Brandenburg Gigafactory in Germany attempted to break into the plant on Friday, according to a statement from local police.

“Multiple unauthorized people are attempting to enter the grounds of the Tesla factory,” Brandenburg police announced via X Friday. “We are in the process of preventing this.”

“The situation is dynamic,” a Brandenburg police official told CNBC Friday, noting that the rallies had caused numerous blockages in the area.

When CNBC contacted Tesla, a spokesman was not immediately available for comment.

A camp has been established up near Tesla’s Brandenburg plant since Monday, with involvement increasing since Wednesday and spiking on Thursday, a German bank holiday, according to police.

The Brandenburg police official told CNBC that two protests were planned for Friday: one near the Tesla manufacturing premises and another featuring a parade from the camp.

However, disruptions occurred, including attempts to invade Tesla’s facilities and sit-in blockades on roads, which resulted in roadblocks, according to the spokeswoman.

According to police, protesters occupied a nearby airport in the Neuhardenberg municipality, setting off pyrotechnics and obstructing access roads.

Police interfered, resulting in many arrests and use of force. The police operation was supported by neighboring states as well as national forces, according to the statement.

According to CNN, Tesla has requested its employees to stay at home rather than come into the facility Friday due to fears about the protests around its Brandenburg plant.

André Thierig, a senior manufacturing director at Tesla’s facility, confirmed via X on Tuesday that the electric vehicle maker would shut down production on Friday for a “one-day planned shutdown.”

Tesla is planning a significant expansion of its battery and car assembly facilities in Brandenburg, Germany, roughly 32 miles south of Berlin.

Tesla’s planned expansion includes plans for a rail freight terminal and storage facilities, which might help it reduce reliance on other logistics providers and minimize production halts due to part shortages.

In February, locals voted against permitting the plant expansion. However, the vote was nonbinding, and Tesla and local officials expect to proceed.

Climate activists have expressed worries about Tesla’s plans, which include clearing around 250 acres of forest in a small hamlet of less than 8,000 people in a nature protection area.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has previously slammed protesters targeting Tesla’s German Gigafactory, claiming on X in March that they are “either the dumbest eco-terrorists on Earth or puppets of those who don’t have good environmental goals.”



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