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‘Fighter’ By Hrithik Roshan Sparks Controversy Due To Its Anti-Pakistan Storyline

Due to its negative portrayal of Pakistan, the recently released trailer for the movie “Fighter” has generated controversy and condemnation.

The movie, which stars A-list actors like Anil Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan, and Deepika Padukone, makes audacious claims that India is the “owner” of Kashmir and suggests that, in the event of a full-scale counterattack, India may have “occupied Pakistan.”

After the “Fighter” video was released, fans and celebrities took to social media to express their outrage at the anti-Pakistani material in the trailer.

According to them, art should be created for the sake of creating art; propaganda and fact-checking are not appropriate since amusement transcends national boundaries and even undermines the sense of patriotism that injures people. 

Due to the film’s overt stance on delicate geopolitical problems, audiences have been dissatisfied, which has sparked conversations on social media and prompted some to voice their concerns, including makeup artist Natasha Ali Lakhani.

Lakhani posted a carousel of photos on social media that included a photo of her with Hrithik Roshan, pictures showing the hardships in Kashmir, and the movie’s trailer.

The makeup artist said, “This is a photo from my most recent trip to India. We went there for the premiere of my Sonya Baji’s movie, Taj Mahal, back in better times.

The obvious errors and defects in the trailer were called out by many on X. “This is not some obscure event from the 1950s, which makes the Indian propaganda machine something else.”

We were invited to Zayed Khan’s wedding celebrations while we were there, and the director was Sanjay Khan. Hrithik was a huge star at the time, but when I saw him with his friends and family, I could see how modest and down to earth he was. I also remembered how adorable he was with his expectant wife.”One Indian jet was shot down by Pakistan and one Indian chopper was shot down by India itself four years ago. “What is the purpose of this film?” inquired a user from X.”This is so bad even for a propaganda film,” said someone else. The conversations have been written by a Twitter Bhakt. “Don’t make me laugh, Pakistan occupied Kashmir,” sneered a further user.



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