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Florals abound on the Giorgio Armani catwalk at Milan Fashion Week.

During Giorgio Armani’s Sunday main line presentation at Milan Fashion Week, the seasoned Italian designer showcased his latest collection, which included vibrant flowers gracing winter ensembles and accessories.

Known as King Giorgio in Italy, Armani kicked out the autumn/winter 2024 womenswear show, “Winter Flowers,” with flowing ensembles in light grey and brown, including coats and pants, paired with floral blue sashes or scarves.

With floral motifs or embroidery decorating jackets, skirts, blouses, hats, and bags, the floral theme permeated the whole presentation.

Dark compositions in blue or black were given a pop of color by floral prints or embroidery in pink, blue, and green.

“The blooms signal the arrival of a better season, and I loved the contrast.

Evening wear included gowns, sheer tops, and jackets with sequined flower embroidery shimmering.

A variety of strapless dresses with shimmering flower designs were on display as Armani wrapped up the show.

On Thursday, the designer unveiled the newest lineup for his second brand, Emporio Armani.

Editors and buyers will travel to Paris for the final part of the month-long seasonal catwalk schedule after Milan Fashion Week ends on Monday.



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