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Four heatstroke deaths reported in Sindh

Hyderabad / Jamshoro – Four individuals perished as a result of heatwaves in Hyderabad and Jamshoro, Sindh.

Extreme heat killed two police officers in Hyderabad in three days.

Rizwan Sheikh, an officer deputed at a municipal court, and an ASI from Qasimabad police station died of heatstroke. A police spokeswoman stated that Rizwan’s death was not caused by heatstroke.

Two brothers, 10-year-old Rashid Gabol and 12-year-old Ali Shair Gabol of Goth Dad Muhammad Khoso, perished in Jamshoro as a result of heatstroke while playing in the open.

According to hospital officials, both deaths were caused by heatstroke and possible dehydration.



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