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Google releases a new doodle in honor of Nowruz.

Google has created a special doodle in honor of Nowruz, the Iranian New Year.

Google produces fascinating doodles to commemorate a range of international social and cultural occasions.

Pendar Yousefi, a gifted Iranian guest artist, created the Nowruz doodle.

The artwork pays tribute to a celebration that has been observed for more than three millennia.

In the doodle, the artist drew his wonderful childhood recollections of Nowruz, with animal companions gathering in a flower-filled courtyard beneath a blooming tree, signifying hope, joy, and community.

In Persian, “Nowruz” signifies “new day.”

It is an important cultural occasion that brings together various populations from different nations and areas.

On this day, families get together to have a special dinner with their loved ones around a table. On “Nowruz,” several presents and handcrafted goods are given forth.

In addition, street shows, customary sports, dancing, music, and fire rituals, as well as group activities involving water and fire, commemorate the day.
It’s a vibrant springtime celebration that honors family, peace, respect, and the balance between life and the natural world.

The search engine uses the Google Doodle, a themed motif on its homepage, to commemorate important events.

Google is renowned for producing imaginative and engaging doodles on noteworthy occasions.

Additionally, in the past, it has celebrated notable figures and their accomplishments with drawings.



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