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Guru Randhawa on his relationship rumours with Shehnaaz Gill: I feel good when people talk about my dating life

Guru Randhawa and actor-singer Shehnaaz Gill had been rumored to be dating since their song video Moonrise was released.

Singer-songwriter Guru Randhawa and singer-actor Shehnaaz Gill have been making news for more than a year now due to their rumored romance, and it appears that Randhawa is loving all of the speculation about his personal life and the attention that is coming his way for whatever reason.

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“I feel very good about it when people talk about my dating life,” the performer says, before continuing, “Fans link me with beautiful girls all over the world, so it feels great, every boy wants that attention.”

It all began last year, when they released their debut music video, a love song called Moonrise, which sparked relationship rumors. Later that year, Randhawa joined Gill to the premiere of her film, Thank You For Coming, and the two posed together on the red carpet, adding to the rumors. Fans couldn’t stop speculating after their second single, Sunrise, was released in January of this year. Not to mention their romantic Instagram posts, which frequently leave admirers wondering what’s going on between the two.

While Randhawa refuses to confirm or refute the rumors around him and Gill, he does say, “I want people to keep talking about my love life for me. Even if I’m not dating anyone right now, due of this news, I might start dating shortly. If the reader of this interview is a woman, I am single. But if the reader is a boy, I am sold (laughs).”

Aside from his personal life, Randhawa appears to be happier with his profession and the excitement it generates. The musician recently made his acting debut in the film Kuch Khattaa Ho Jaay, which co-starred Saiee Manjrekar. While the film garnered a mediocre response, Randhawa describes it as an incredible experience.

“One should investigate oneself every minute, every second of every day. I’ve shot two more films, which will be released this year. I’ve also shot my music videos, so I’m trying to strike a balance,” adds the 32-year-old, who recently released his latest Punjabi hit, In Love with Raja Kumari.

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He elaborates on the differences between shooting for a film and a music video, saying, “Whether it’s a song or a film, it’s the same for an artist. Furthermore, it just takes two days to compose a song; in fact, we can make songs at any moment. Movies take a long time, thus we need to have that much time on our hands. It’s not hard to manage.”

Randhawa adds that it also depends heavily on the team and individuals with whom you are collaborating on a song or film. Randhawa mentions his track and praises his fellow singer Raja Kumari. “She is really different from everyone I have dealt with so far. She also sang in Punjabi for the first time, which was extremely new to all of us, and her energy is incredible,” he concludes.



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