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“Happy with kids,” Mikaal Zulfiqar claims he has no plans to get married again.

In a recent interview, well-known actor Mikaal Zulfiqar opened up about his divorce and his plan to remain single for the foreseeable future.

Known for his parts in the operas “Jaise Aapki Marzi” and “Chauraha,” Mikaal talked with host Wasi Shah about his personal life on a chat show.

Following his official 2017 divorce from longtime partner Sara Bhatti, the actor responded to questions about his current relationship status and possible future nuptials.

She made a strong statement, saying that despite his family’s demands, he was content to live alone.

The celebrity said, “I was visiting the United States recently,” sharing a recent story about the topic with his family.

Mikaal laughed and remarked, “My father said you can find a foreign woman there [for marriage].”

The actor went on to say that he does not now feel the need for marriage because he is in a wonderful place in his life with his kids.

At the moment, I don’t give marriage any thought. Mikaal answered, “I have kids, I am at peace,” before commenting on Wasi’s uncertainty. “What makes you desire that I [marry]?”

Fans reacted favorably to Mikaal’s openness and sincerity as he discussed his views following his divorce. Positive remarks poured into social media, complimenting the actor on his candor and wishing him well on his upcoming projects.

The actor offered his advice, saying, “I would suggest just one thing: get to know the person you’re planning to marry.” Before considering [marriage], it’s critical to get to know the other person, Mikaal continued. The well-known person repeated the advice for everyone to wait to make a major decision. “It is not appropriate to make this decision hastily.Just be aware of who they are and who you are,” he continued.



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