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Holland ambassador meets Punjab CM Maryam

LAHOREOn Friday, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz met with Mrs Henny de Vries, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Pakistan.

During the meeting, discussions focused on shared interests, improving bilateral relations, and strengthening trade links between Holland and Punjab.

Mrs Henny de Vries congratulated CM Maryam Nawaz Sharif on her historic election as Punjab’s first women chief minister.

The chief minister urged Dutch enterprises and investors to take advantage of the province’s vast commercial prospects.

CM Maryam Nawaz underlined the potential benefits of adopting innovative agricultural practices and technologies from the Netherlands, focusing on crop cultivation, irrigation systems, and agricultural machinery.

She stated a desire to use Dutch experience to boost Punjab’s agricultural output and performance, streamline water management systems, and promote renewable energy.

She also advocated measures like student delegation exchanges and joint research projects to promote mutual cooperation.



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