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“I am eager for a ceasefire in Gaza,” Malala said in response to criticism of her silence.

In a recent social media post on X, Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai emphasized the dire circumstances in Gaza and demanded an urgent ceasefire.

Malala, who had previously faced criticism for expressing sympathy to Jon Stewart for the loss of his dog but refraining from vocally endorsing Palestine, published a message that brought attention to the precarious conditions that the people of Gaza are forced to endure.

Malala shared her personal observations in an effort to draw attention to the plight of the residents of Rafah, Gaza, by describing the challenging circumstances at a school there.

Shocked by conditions at this school in Rafah, Gaza,” stated the caption of the original post. 4500 people from places like Khan Younis and Gaza City are here. Along with 4500 other people, the disabled, expectant mothers, and newborns share 18 latrines. There is widespread trauma, epidemic illness, and malnutrition. NRC is giving us all the assistance we can.”

Malala expressed her sadness at the situation, emphasizing that hundreds of people fleeing Israel’s attacks are now finding refuge at the school, which was established with the goal of inspiring and educating pupils. She emphasized the seriousness of the situation by stating that every child in Palestine is entitled to return to school and live in peace.

Malala made a powerful plea for the international community to act without delay and to demand a ceasefire. Israel’s recent uptick in violence against Gaza has made the conflict worse on a constant basis, leading to widespread suffering, mass evictions, and a persistent lack of basic necessities. Malala’s words come at a critical juncture when the need for action to end the one-sided conflict is becoming increasingly obvious on a worldwide level.



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