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IHC reserves decision on cases against Sheikh Rashid over same allegation

ISLAMABADOn Wednesday, the Islamabad High Court delayed its ruling on various petitions brought against Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, the chairman of the Awami Muslim League (AML) and a former federal minister, for using filthy language.

Justice Tariq Mahmood Jahangiri of the Islamabad High Court heard the case. Sheikh Rashid arrived in court alongside his lawyers, Sardar Abdul Razzaq and Sardar Shehbaz.

On this occasion, state attorney Malik Abdul Rehman and police lawyer Kazim Adalat appeared in court.

The judge questioned if the police had produced the report they had been ordered to deliver in court. The state counsel informed the court that the report had been given to it.

The court inquired whether the words of Billo Rani were mentioned in the FIR. On court order, the state counsel read the FIR filed with the Mochko police station.

The court inquired about the plaintiff in the case and stated, “There are no Billo Rani-like words in the FIR.”

According to the court, the FIR stated that he (Sheikh Rashid) used vulgar and inappropriate language against Bilawal Bhutto. “The words mentioned in the report are not in the FIR,” the judge noted.

The court inquired as to how the case was filed in Karachi based on a statement made in Islamabad?

“This incident occurred in Islamabad. Where did IG Sindh and Prosecutor General Sindh receive their words? The investigating officer should tell the court where the words naming Billo Rani are,” the judge demanded.

The investigating officer stated that everything was on USB and would be produced on demand. The court stated that Benazir Bhutto was martyred in Rawalpindi; would there be a trial in Karachi?

“Can a case of Peshawar incident be filed in Karachi?” “If an incident occurred in Islamabad but the case was filed elsewhere,” the IHC queried.

Later, the court reserved its decision on Sheikh Rashid’s acquittal plea.



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