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In 2024, Meghan Markle Warned of “Heartache” And “Decline.”

This year, Meghan Markle suffered a number of financial setbacks as a result of the June 2023 failure of the Spotify arrangement.

The upcoming year also seems a little dismal, following a turbulent year for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in terms of their personal and professional lives.

The 37-year-old therapist and astrologer Nicolas Aujula has made some predictions for 2024. He is credited with foreseeing the Covid outbreak, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the Sussexes’ Oprah interview.

The psychic revealed to The Mirror that although Meghan will “have an element of heartache with someone else close to her,” the relationship between the former Suits star and Harry looks to be going well in the upcoming year.

Nicolas foresaw, among other things, that certain female superstars would experience a financial downturn while others would not. After the uproar from her Spotify deal and the rejection from Dior, it’s unclear if Meghan would have any better options.

The forecast was made in response to rumors that Meghan would be called upon to testify in court on the drama surrounding the “racist royal.

Samantha, Prince Harry’s half-sister, launched a defamation case against Meghan for portraying her as a “liar for profit and fame” in the 2021 interview. Samantha will testify against her husband in November 2024.

“It is necessary to investigate the issue of royal racists,” Samantha’s attorney Peter Tickin stated to The Sun. “She turned against her family and abandoned them for reasons,”



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