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James Gunn’s Superman may feature Bloodsport’s Kryptonite bullet scene. Here’s how and where

Henry Cavill or David Corenswet? Who is on the receiving end? James Gunn reveals some intriguing details.

James Gunn’s latest Superman film is generating buzz with a rumoured sequence that has fans guessing. According to reports, a news bulletin will portray Superman injured by a Kryptonite bullet, an iconic callback for comic fans that refers to Idris Elba’s character, Bloodsport, from The Suicide Squad.

This connection begs the issue of whose version of Superman is involved—could it be David Corenswet’s portrayal, or is it a subtle homage to Henry Cavill’s time as the caped hero?

Hbo Max’s The Suicide Squad continues to expose a diverse cast of antiheroes, whose distinguishing characteristics are strongly linked to their lethal abilities and journey of struggle. They make up this eclectic bunch, such as Bloodsport, who was imprisoned for delivering the one who nearly killed Superman and only survived after being transferred to the intensive care unit. Superman did, in fact, murder an opponent, but the identity of the victim remains unknown.

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Did Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Superman or any other superhero offer similarities or variances to the original comic book characters? Some information are hinted at by James Gunn, but none are open confessions.

Quick comic callback.
The 1980s Superman comics depicting Bloodsport and Superman’s feud attest to their tumultuous history. Kryptonite weaponized only marginally impeded the Man of Steel, allowing the anti-hero to deliver two fatal hits with poison-tipped needles.

So it could be Henry; it could be someone else.”
When IGN inquired if it was Cavil on the bullet’s tip, Gunn said that “Bloodsport is in prison for putting Superman in the ICU with a kryptonite bullet.” Yes, The Suicide Squad is part of the DCEU, but I am not sure which Superman it was because I am not casting the next Superman. So it may be Henry [Cavill] or anybody else. It is up to others to make the decision, not me.”

Gunn’s diplomatic attitude essentially validates The Suicide Squad in terms of future events in the DCEU, but it does so without revealing Cavill’s involvement. Through his cautious reaction, he can prevent an unwanted situation that would jeopardize his film’s conformity to the franchise. Given the ongoing DCEU narrative framework, one would assume it is Clark Kent aka Superman, whom the site also features.

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Although there are still questions over Henry Cavill’s future in the role, the latter continues to star in the universe developed. Regardless of Zack Snyder’s Justice League’s non-canonical status, the latter version by Joss Whedon was able to restore Superman, as by the end of the film, Clark Kent was back on track to serve as the Earth’s savior. In addition to the HBO Go streaming service, they are also available on HBO Max.



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