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Kashmera Shah reacts to Govinda attending Arti Singh’s wedding: My kids were happy to finally meet our Chi Chi mama

Actor Kashmera Shah and Krushna Abhishek are overjoyed that Govinda alias Chi Chi Mama attended Arti Singh’s wedding with Dipak Chauhan.

On Thursday, actor Govinda nicknamed Chi Chi mom attended niece Arti Singh’s wedding with Dipak Chauhan, putting a stop to speculation about a feud with nephew Krushna Abhishek and his wife Kashmera Shah.

Kashmera couldn’t have been happier with Govinda’s presence on this memorable occasion for her family. “Of course, it was Arti’s big day, so that was the highlight. The biggest and most memorable occasion for me was when ChiChi maama gave me aashirwaad. “They met him for the first time,” says the actor, who has twin sons Krishaang and Rayaan, born in 2018.

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Glad that this occasion represents a new beginning for the family. Kashmera continues, “Chi Chi mother blessing my kids without malice signifies a new beginning in our relationship with him. Woh mere mama-sasur hain, and now my sons will get to know their grandfather. I can now proudly sit and show them all of his films and songs. My children were delighted to finally meet him.”

Shah describes their encounter on the wedding day, saying, “I was very delighted that he didn’t hide anything in his heart and came to be a part of our celebration. Krushna slept with a smile on his face. Krushna stood next to Arti as her father, not brother. I was the evening’s host, and we couldn’t have a good conversation.

The 51-year-old adds, “But yes, I did bend to touch his feet, though he wouldn’t let me. He was so kind to me, I was moved. Even Yash (Govinda’s son Yashvardhan Ahuja) showed up, and he arrived between 10 and 11 a.m. After meeting Arti, Yash wanted to meet my children. They had all met their cousins for the first time. I had assured my sons that your elder brother would come, so they were waiting for him.

The feud began in 2016 when some of Krushna’s jokes and Kashmera’s subsequent comments irritated Govinda’s wife Sunita, and in reaction, Govinda and his family turned a cold shoulder toward Krushna and his wife.

Kashmera admits that things would take time to return to normal, saying, “Krushna and I will also need time to properly restart our talks with him (Govinda).” But for now, I’ve buried the hatchet. Sir, I do not have an issue. Everything that has happened so far has been done only to safeguard my husband’s integrity. Unfortunately, things turned ugly, but we were all protecting our families. Sunita ma’am, mujhse naraaz hona banta hai; kyuki unka aur mera jhagda hua tha, sir ka aur mera nahi. Finally, we are a family, and we will undoubtedly reunite on another occasion and get along. I’m praying for the best.



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