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Kim Namjoon reveals feeling burdened for 10 years, says BTS went through ‘difficult time’ ahead of military enlistment

Kim Namjoon stated that while working on Right Place, Wrong Person, he had experiences that “most people wouldn’t have in their lives”. Watch the complete video here.

BTS leader Kim Namjoon and member Jimin discussed the group’s military enrollment in a new video posted to Bangtan TV’s YouTube account. Namjoon, commonly known as RM, claimed in the video that he has felt a weight for over a decade as a result of his decisions as BTS leader. Jimin also gave Namjoon’s new album, “Right Place, Wrong Person,” a positive review. (Also Read: Namjoon has a message in LOST song, reveals music video; BTS ARMY claims tune is’reminder of human emotions’ fragility.)

Jimin tells about Namjoon’s difficult moment.

In the film, Jimin told the camera, “I don’t sure whether I can say this, but when I heard the album, I was like a journal. “I have a lot on my mind, and I feel a little suffocated.” He simply included all of that into his album. I knew he was having a difficult time.”

Namjoon expresses the burden that he suffered for ten years.
Namjoon revealed the motivation for his new record, saying, “I got everything out of there. My stories. I just said what I wanted to.” When Jimin mentioned that he like the songs, Namjoon responded, “In our team, I’m the one who says all the right things, the lovely things. I stand up to represent the squad. That’s what I always do, and people expect me to give speeches, conduct interviews, and speak out on issues like this.”

He went on to say, “But actually, I’m just an unimportant 29-year-old living in Korea.” That is exactly who I am. I suppose I couldn’t claim ‘I’m average’…But for the past ten years, we’ve felt this load. At some point, we simply had to be conscientious and different. I adore BTS because of our songs. But I continued to care about what others thought. If I kept going like this, I felt like dying. Being unable to express what I want to convey. Not that I intend to say whatever comes to mind. That is why I worked on this record.

Namjoon was originally meant to enlist in the military with J-Hope.

Namjoon continued, “While working on this new record, a lot of things happened to me. Things that most people will never encounter in their lives. I wound up on a very different path. Originally, I planned to enlist when Hobi (J-Hope) did. He explained that he then received the opportunity to work on the album.

BTS and Military Enlistment
Namjoon spoke on the period before the BTS members opted to enlist in the military, saying, “We went through a long, difficult time because of our enlistment issue.” There was a lot of discussion about it. Even when I was at a bar, people at the adjacent table would discuss it without realizing I was present. ‘Is it okay for them to do that? “We heard that a lot.” Namjoon also stated that he was going through a difficult time when he decided to record the album.

When Namjoon wanted to separate from BTS
When Jimin inquired whether the LOST song on the album was about him, Namjoon stated that he had a dynamic time for more than a year. He explained, “I believed I should be away from the members for a bit. Just physically separated, not mentally. But I had to stop thinking about the team in order to see myself for who I am. Jimin added that the rest of the BTS members wondered if Namjoon didn’t care about them as much but understood his situation.

Namjoon and Jimin discuss his album, BTS, in 2025.
Toward the end of the video, Namjoon and Jimin discussed the album’s tracks in detail. Namjoon stated that he felt a weight lifted off his shoulders after Right Place, Wrong Person. Jimin stated that he did not believe Namjoon was comfortable after releasing Indigo in 2022, to which the latter concurred.

In the video, Jimin discussed the strain Namjoon faced as BTS’s leader. Namjoon also admitted that he has never been able to relax in the last decade. When asked about returning as a team in 2025, Jimin claimed Namjoon would feel the strain of the team again. Jimin asked Namjoon if he would be okay with that, to which he said no.



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