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Many ladies, according to Nomi, want him to make them appear like Deepika or Alia Bhatt.

One of Pakistan’s leading designers is Nomi Ansari.

Many stars and celebrities choose him first, and he is friendly with many of them as well.

Several well-known people, such as Mahira Khan, Iqra Aziz, and Kubra Khan, have been dressed by Nomi Ansari.

He was a guest on a show where he discussed business, fashion, and life in general.

He disclosed that many ladies approach him with the desire to resemble Bollywood actresses Alia Bhatt or Deepika Padukone.
He said that he could fulfill their wish, but he frequently receives requests despite the fact that the client’s personality is completely different, their budget is different, or their physiques differ.

Nomi Ansari was approached by a member of the crowd if he would lend him a costume for his girlfriend.

When it came to the cost of his clothing, Nomi was really upfront about it. He explained that his brand functions mostly through the wages that he pays to numerous employees as well as numerous expenditures.

He claimed to be a luxury brand, having worked for years to get there.



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