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Maryam issues show-cause notices to two PML-N MPAs

LAHORE –Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has issued show-cause notes to two PML-N MPAs, requesting a response within three days.

PML-N MPA from PP 152 Malik Waheed was issued a show-cause notice for allegedly misbehaving with a police officer while searching his vehicle on GT Road three days ago.

Uzma Kardar, the other PML-N MP elected on a reserved seat, was sent a show-cause notice for allegedly interfering with an investigation into a FIR at Model Town police station.

According to a press statement from the Punjab government, during a meeting with sub-inspector Naseeb, CM Maryam stated that she had taken note of the occurrence and issued a show-cause notice to the MPAs.

CM Maryam apologized to the officer, saying she was “embarrassed” that he had to undergo humiliation.

“You should never apologize for performing your duties. Maryam stated, “You were doing your duty; you checked them; it was your responsibility, and you fulfilled it.”

“This is your job, which is why the state kept you, and you did it well,” she remarked, emphasizing that no one was above the law.

“If the MPA had a complaint, he should have contacted us.” We would have conducted an inquiry and taken appropriate measures based on the findings,” Maryam added.

She emphasized the importance of MPs following the law and setting a good example for the public.

The chief minister also questioned Lahore Capital City Police Officer Bilal Siddique Kamyana about Naseeb’s claimed transfer following the incident and advised him not to take action without first consulting her in the event of another occurrence like this.



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