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Mushtaq Khan Remembers That When Shah Rukh Khan Was Nothing, He Turned Down Major Films.

In an interview, Mushtaq Khan recalled that he was paid less than the employees of the movie Welcome, which starred Akshay Kumar.

Alongside Shah Rukh Khan, the veteran actor appeared in a number of TV series.

Actor Shah Rukh Khan has experienced hardships in his past. He began by attempting his luck in the television business, appearing in a number of well-known programs, including Circus and Fauji.

Mushtaq Khan was one of the numerous actors that collaborated with him in his early career.

The veteran actor recalls SRK turning down a big-budget film in an interview. Continue reading to find out why.

Veteran actor Mushtaq Khan remembered working with Shah Rukh Khan in an interview with Digital Commentary.

In an anecdotal statement, the actor mentioned that he co-starred with SRK in a television series named Umeed, which was filmed in Nashik.

He realized that SRK wouldn’t be around for very long when he began working with the megastar.

The Jawan actor once asked Khan about Pranlal Mehta, the producer. He introduced himself as a major producer. He was getting a lot of calls from Pranlal, Shah Rukh told him.

In response, the actor from Welcome proposed that SRK collaborate on that project. However, SRK encouraged him to wait and see.

Even yet, Mushtaq Khan urged him to finish the project right away and not to wait any longer.

Mushtaq Khan revealed in the same interview that he might have received a lower salary than Akshay Kumar’s crew for the movie.

Sadly, we spend a lot of money on’stars’ in our films. We travel independently, take economy class, and stay in accommodations that the manufacturers have provided.

The hotel in Dubai that I was assigned to was the same hotel that Akshay’s employees were staying at. Great movies frequently have this happen.”

That being said, he expressed the opinion that many filmmakers wish to eliminate this inequality in the business. “I am doing a film called Stree 2, and I get a lot of love, and they take care of everyone,” the Bala actor continued, reflecting on the situation.

Together, we have a ton of fun. I just performed Railway Men, and it was a blast. The producers treated me with a great deal of dignity.

Actors and producers of the younger age are succeeding greatly.”



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