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Musk shows a video of a robot that walks like a person.

Thousands of comments were left on the brief video that the billionaire CEO shared on X, the previous Twitter platform.

Musk wrote, “Going for a walk with Optimus,” as the video’s caption.

Many admirers were thrilled to see the little humanoid footage.

“Gait is a lot more natural looking than I expected,” a reader commented.

“I adore the new Optimus features. Fantastic to see the changes “remarked a second person.

Some fans expressed worries and made jokes about the end of the world.

One user commented, “This ain’t gonna go over well,” and shared an image of a horrific scene from the movie Terminator.

Has anyone seen the movie Iron Man?” shouted a second worried party.

One individual, however, just wrote, “Kill it with fire.”

Musk’s first post drew 165,000 likes, while that single remark received 199.

Many users made jokes about how much the robot resembled President Joe Biden’s gait.

The life-size black robot can be seen in the 15-second video strolling about a room with a few onlookers.

In December 2023, Tesla unveiled the Optimus Gen 2 robot.

It is reported to weigh 121 pounds and be 5 feet 11 inches tall.

Musk wants his humanoid robots to eventually replace humans for labor-intensive tasks.

The CEO of Tesla also expressed his desire for robots to live alongside people.

It might eventually acquire a distinct personality. Not every robot is the same, after all.

According to Musk, “that personality could evolve to match the owner, or whatever you want to call it,” the podcast Lex Fridman featured.

He added that one day, the robots might create “the perfect buddy” and be able to perform “repetitive and boring work.”

In 2022, Tesla debuted the prototype of its robot, having initially revealed the concept in 2021.

Musk has previously stated that the robot won’t cost more than $20,000, although the precise amount has never been disclosed.



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