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My Oni Girl: Anime fantasy world confronts you to face your demons, quite literally | Watch trailer

My Oni Girl, a film by Studio Colorido, will be released in Japanese theaters and on Netflix worldwide on May 24.

The complex layers of magical realism come alive in the My Oni Girl teaser, which was published by Netflix on April 24. The long-awaited fourth feature anime film from Studio Colorido is fantastically inspired by an emotional reality and faces the implications of hiding one’s innermost sentiments.

The next film’s youth fantasy world, which forces individuals to confront their demons, sensitively depicts the complete transformation of those who suppress their actual emotions into the fabled demon ‘oni.’ The trailer for Netflix briefly reveals the poignant thematic crux by combining the paths of a boy and an oni girl.

Tomotaka Shibayama (A Whisker Away), who formerly worked for Studio Ghibli, oversees the emotionally charged direction of the May release. Kensho Ono plays the self-contained Hiiragi Yatsuse, who meets his odd equal in Miyu Tomita’s Tsumugi, who is all about self-expression. When the little kid and the demon girl, who have radically contrasting personalities, cross paths, a unique and unexpected friendship develops.

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As seen in the trailer, Hiiragi, a high school freshman plagued by the fear of being hated, longs to develop relationships with everyone. As the tendency manifests itself in his inability to say no to anybody while striving to please everyone who approaches him, he meets a demon girl named Tsumugi.

Tsumugi delves into the human realm in pursuit of her mother. However, along the way, she and Hiiragi navigate their strange bond while also uncovering the riddle of how people transform into oni. The accompanying theme song, Truth in Lies by ZUTOMAYO, perfectly captures the emotionally charged vision of the My Oni Girl trailer. The song Blues in the Closet, which emphasizes the intricately nuanced plot twists and terrible facts of buried emotions, will be released later.

My Oni Girl intertwines the vivid themes of “awkward first encounters, life and death, feeling like an outsider, and Shibayama’s kind personality” with carefully chosen music selections.

On May 24, My Oni Girl will take you on a fascinating journey of self-discovery and reveal the actual power of expressing emotions.



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