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Nazish Jahangir’s thoughts on marriage and love

Actor Nazish Jahangir of Pakistan’s entertainment business avoided discussing sadness and made hints about arranged marriage.

Nazish recently appeared as a guest on Dunya News’ “mazaq raat” program with co-star Hushal Khan, where she discussed her upcoming romantic comedy film “Poppy Ki Wedding.”

When asked about her breakup during the event, Nazish quips wryly that she has never experienced heartbreak, which is why she is still alive and able to attend.

She did, however, flush briefly and decline to respond when asked if she had ever crushed someone’s heart.

In response to a question concerning marriage, Nazish stated that she expected to have an arranged marriage.

Hushal Khan, on the other hand, stated during the program that he prefers one-sided love because it gives the person in love the freedom to think anything he wants about the person he loves.



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