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Omar Ayub demands judicial commission to probe May 9 events

ISLAMABADOmar Ayub Khan, the opposition leader in the National Assembly, raised concern about Pakistan’s current level of democracy.

On Monday, the opposition leader addressed the National Assembly and urged for the formation of an independent judicial committee to probe the events of May 9.

Omar Ayub asserted that his leader appointed him as the opposition leader. He stressed the importance of sustaining the PTI founder’s story.

He also criticized President Asif Zardari’s remarks for failing to change significantly over time and lamented the country’s lack of true democracy.

The opposition leader opposed the establishment’s role in politics.

He expressed alarm about the loss of CCTV footage from the judicial complex and sought accountability for those responsible.

The opposition leader advocated for the establishment of an independent judicial committee to look into the Hamoodur Rehman, Ojhri Camp, Abbottabad, and Army Public School occurrences. He also mentioned the suspected influence in the judiciary, citing the closure of social media accounts and the disappearance of the Rawalpindi commissioner.

He also mentioned situations such as the raid on the PTI founder’s home and the targeting of the PTI government.

He stated that Defence Minister Khawaja Asif admitted in an interview that they spoke with former army head Gen Bajwa.



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