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On the London stage, Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Broderick portray unhappy spouses.

Sarah Jessica Parker, who starred in “Sex and the City,” and her husband Matthew Broderick are making their stage debuts in London’s West End in a drama that centers on three dysfunctional couples.

Although that might seem like a difficult task for a husband and wife combo, Parker and Broderick told Reuters they had fun performing with each other in Neil Simon’s comedy “Plaza Suite”.

“I find that working together is really easy… After a star-studded gala performance on Sunday night that included actors Martin Freeman and Marisha Wallace in addition to other celebs, Broderick remarked, “She’s so good, so that helps.”

“Plaza Suite” was scheduled to debut in New York in the spring of 2020, but the COVID-19 epidemic forced the closure of the show. After its 2022 debut, it is currently located in London’s Savoy Theatre.

Parker stated, “I think we finally grasp what it is. There was so much to find out jointly at first that it looked overwhelming and might end badly before we even did it.

“I was more worried about myself than I was about him. However, we all speak the same language within the cast and organization. It’s fantastic, however I think that being here is particularly nerve-wracking. Having someone you can joyfully rely on, though, has made things much more comforting.”

The stage is nothing new to either of them. Parker debuted on Broadway at the age of eleven. With two Tony Awards, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” lead Broderick last appeared in London in 2019.

The play is playing till April 13 and began this month to mixed reviews.

“Thus far okay… it’s been really lovely, it’s been fun,” Parker responded when asked how it felt to bring the performance to London. And I believe the audience’s response has deeply touched both of us. It’s been truly amazing how animated and excited they’ve been.”



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