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Pakistan conducts training launch of Fatah-II Guided Rocket System

RAWALPINDIOn Wednesday, the Pakistan Army successfully tested the Fatah-II Guided Rocket System, which has a range of 400 km.

According to ISPR, the launch was intended to perfect the drills and procedures.

Fatah-II, equipped with a cutting-edge navigation system, a unique trajectory, and maneuverable features, can engage targets with high precision and defeat any missile defense system.

Fatah-II is being deployed in Pakistan’s artillery divisions for long-range and precise engagement of deep targets.

The rocket system will greatly increase the reach and lethality of the Pakistan Army’s conventional arsenal.

The flying test was watched by the Chief of General Staff, senior officials from all three services, and committed scientists and engineers.

The president, prime minister, chairman of the Joint leaders of Staff Committee, chief of army staff, and other service leaders have congratulated the participating troops and scientists on their performance.



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