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Pakistan determined to wipe out the menace of extremism and terrorism: Khawaja Asif

ISLAMABADDefense Minister Khawaja Asif reiterated Pakistan’s determination to eliminate the threat of extremism and terrorism.

Khawaja Asif, speaking at an anti-terrorism seminar in Islamabad, warned that extremism has played havoc not only on the economy and lives, but also on the social fabric.

He emphasized that these circumstances necessitate the adoption of new strategic ways to combat extremism.

He emphasized that extremism had cost Pakistan dearly.
Pakistan was confronting a number of issues, including terrorism, and it was combating them.

He emphasized the sacrifices made by Pakistan’s Armed Forces against terrorism. He stated that all essential governmental entities did outstanding work to combat extremism.

The defense minister said that the implementation of the National Action Plan was proceeding smoothly. Khawaja Asif revealed that there was evidence of cross-border elements’ involvement in terrorist incidents.

He argued that the extremism narrative has spread, becoming the foundation of terrorism ideology and legitimizing violence. He maintained that we, as a nation, must compete with this ideology, and that we all bear responsibility for promoting national ideology.

He argued that we should all work together to combat terrorism.



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