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Pakistan, Iran sign agreements to take trade volume to $10bn

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan and Iran have signed eight agreements and memorandums of understanding for cooperation in a variety of industries, and have agreed to increase their trade volume to $10 billion.

The agreements addressed security cooperation, judicial aid in civil cases, and veterinary and animal health.

The two countries inked an MOU to construct a special economic zone, and another for film exchanges and cooperation between the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and Iran’s Organization of Cinema and Audiovisual Affairs.

MOUs were also signed by the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis, the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labours, and Social Welfare of Iran, the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority, and the National Standards Organization of Iran.

A memorandum of understanding was also signed on legal cooperation. The ceremony was attended by Iranian President and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

Meanwhile, during a news conference with Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif stated that both countries had long-standing mutual relations and that the Iranian president’s visit was an honour for Pakistan.

He stated that Iran and Pakistan have had relations for 76 years, and Iran was the first to recognise Pakistan.

He stated, “We had a great discussion today. Both countries enjoy positive connections with one another because of their shared religion, civilization, investment, and security. Centuries-old relationships must be used to foster mutual cooperation. We want Pakistan and Iran’s borders to become towers of prosperity. There is an opportunity for us to use our relationship to grow and improve.”

Shehbaz stated that Iran’s president was an expert in jurisprudence and law. “The Security Council resolution on Gaza is being mocked, and the United Nations remains silent. Iran has taken a firm stance against the mistreatment of Muslims in Gaza,” he stated.

The prime minister stated that Pakistan was standing with Gaza’s Muslims throughout this trying period until there was a complete cease-fire. All Muslim countries should get together and raise their voices. He thanked Iran for always advocating for the occupied Kashmir.

Nobody can sever Pakistan-Iran relations: Iranian President

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi spoke on the occasion, stating that Pakistan was a respectable country. He expressed hope that his visit will benefit Pakistan-Iran relations.

Raisi stated that no one could sever Pakistan-Iran relations. The Iranian president thanked the Pakistani people for their solidarity for the Gazans.

“The people of Gaza are being massacred, and the Security Council is failing to perform its duty on the subject. “The people of Gaza will one day receive their rights, and justice will be served,” he continued.



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