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PIA suspends Hina Sani after her arrest in Canada in passport fraud case

RAWALPINDI –Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has taken action against its flight attendant Hina Sani, who was temporarily detained at Toronto Airport for having passports that were not granted to her for international travel.

Hina Sani, a cabin crew member, was arrested in Toronto while on PIA Flight PK-789. On Friday, Canadian immigration agents took several passports from her.

The measure was made after Sani tarnished the country’s flag carrier with a series of scandals.

The crew member, along with two others on the same flight, was first held but then released following an investigation.

PIA management promptly suspended a crew member and stated that additional action will be taken based on the Canadian Customs inquiry report.

A PIA official told the media that the airline was working with Canadian authorities and that the suspended crew member would face extra administrative and judicial action based on the inquiry report.

The crew members are anticipated to return to Pakistan this weekend.

Another PIA crew member, Maryam Raza, disappeared in Canada last month, giving Pakistan a poor reputation.



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