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Reema Khan recalls her spiritual journey.

Reema Khan, a former film star, model, and director, arrived in Saudi Arabia and posted photos of herself praying the umrah.

Reema Khan adores religious holidays and rituals, such as the Umrah. She has made several trips to Saudi Arabia, where she performed the Umrah in 2022 and 2023.
Reema posed for photos in front of the Khana Ka’aba in addition to other historical sites. She also said a prayer for the Muslims. Reema expressed her appreciation for being in Makkah.

She used to be the leading lady in Pakistani cinema. In addition, she entered the world of directing and produced the successful movie Koi Tuj Sa Kahan.

Over 200 movies include Reema Khan, the majority of them were successful.

She traveled to Makkah once more this year to undertake Umrah.

She received the Pride of Performance Award in 2019 for her contributions to Pakistani cinema.

Reema left the industry right after marrying surgeon Dr Tariq Shahab.

Reema has a beautiful son, and she is leading a happy life after marriage.



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