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Senate polls: Saif laments rejection of PTI candidates’ nomination papers


PeshawarBarrister Saif, the PTI’s leader, expressed disappointment on Wednesday at the rejection of the party’s Senate candidates’ nomination papers, stressing the ongoing trend of failing to recognise the PTI’s mandate in general elections.

In a statement, Saif claimed that PTI candidates’ nomination papers were rejected on unfounded reasons.

He claimed that Zulfi Bukhari, Murad Saeed, and Azam Swati were all barred from running for Senate due to concerns about their ability to truly serve the people.

“I appeal to the authorities, and decision-makers not to deprive the people of their right to representation.”

Saif went on to say that “participating in the Senate election is our constitutional, legal and democratic right.”

He warned that excluding PTI leaders from the Senate race will harm the democratic system.

He also demanded a halt to what he described as a campaign of harassment and excesses against the PTI.

Saif stated that the PTI’s founder, party officials, and detained workers should be released immediately.



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