Home Entertainment Shagufta Ejaz recalls the glory days of PTV.

Shagufta Ejaz recalls the glory days of PTV.


Popular Pakistani television actor Shagufta Ejaz has starred in a number of successful drama serials.

She made a comparison between actors from the past and present when appearing on a TV show. She claimed that whereas actors of today lacked maturity and patience, those of the past placed more emphasis on skill and performance.

She discussed the professionalism of actors, both young and old, in the show. She also shared her thoughts on the most recent developments in the drama sector.

“We had perfection in our craft, but now actors don’t have that perfection and maturity,” Shagufta Ijaz observed, comparing the tolerance levels of former actors to those of current players.

The actors of today have come a long way and become financially secure in a short amount of time; they have it all, and we spent decades bringing them to that level of accomplishment.

Additionally, actors used to prioritize their work in the past; they were very focused on their art and had few outside distractions. In the past, the actors prioritized their performances over the settings and atmosphere.

She claimed that Pakistani dramas continue to be influenced by Indian dramas, even though they first began to imitate them.

The seasoned actor declared her desire to see the return of the old dramas in the PTV manner.



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