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Shah Rukh Khan gets shout out in Interview With The Vampire 2; fans call him the ‘true global superstar’

Shah Rukh Khan fans are ecstatic that the Bollywood actor has received a special mention in the American series Interview With The Vampire 2.

‘Badshah’ from Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan is a global celebrity whose influence and fan base extend beyond national borders. This was demonstrated once more when the actor received a special mention in the second season of the American television series Interview With The Vampire, reinforcing his status as an enduring icon in the entertainment industry. And this has made all of his fans extremely excited. (Also read: Shah Rukh Khan confirms he will shoot for his next film soon: ‘I needed some rest after 3 films’)

A viral SRK moment.
A clip from the recently released series Interview With The Vampire season 2 has leaked on the internet and is becoming popular because of its Bollywood influence. In a moment, Eric Bogosian’s character, Daniel Molloy, makes a joke about Shah Rukh.

“I’m sorry, but this is just bizarre. Where did they send you while Shah Rukh Khan was portraying you? “Is there a panic room behind the stolen Rembrandt?” He is overheard informing his butler in front of a character played by Assad Zaman.

Fans’ happy memories
The Bollywood touch surprised all Shah Rukh fans and triggered a slew of internet reactions. Netizens went to social media to report the clip, praising Shah Rukh for his global reach.

One user wrote, “One thing about Daniel… hes gonna be messy ‘where did they send you you while Shah Rukh Khan over here was playing you?’ ‘nah your love was in a BOX pondering a premeditated neck wound according to Claudia’ lmaooooooooo”, while another shared, “AAAAH the new season of Interview with the Vampire is already so good! The name drop by Shah Rukh Khan had me CACKLING.”

Another user said, “Armand is smirking because he can read Daniel’s thoughts and he knows he is dying to ask him this just to get that answer,” while another described it as “absolutely insane.”

One fan tweeted, “That SRK line was so fantastic it had Armand fighting a chuckle,” while another commented, ”The Shah Rukh Khan joke sent me.”

“Shah Rukh Khan took me clean out why he really dgaf,” stated one of them. “I’m gonna be cackling at Eric’s ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ line delivery for weeks,” said a third, while another user said, “Daniel calling Armand Shah Rukh Khan made me laugh”.

The series delves into the vampire romance of Louis de Point du Lac (Jacob Anderson) and his enigmatic creator, Lestat de Lioncourt (Sam Reid).

Shah Rukh’s Next Move
The actor last appeared on the big screen in Dunki, which was released in December of last year. He is currently seen cheering on his IPL side, Kolkata Knight Riders, during their matches. He is also working on an action picture and will reportedly appear as a cameo in his son Aryan Khan’s directorial debut, Stardom. (Read: Shah Rukh Khan may return as don, but not in Farhan Akhtar’s trilogy.)



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